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Today, WV Governor Jim Justice unveiled the West Virginia Vacation Guide 2020, a travel magazine dedicated to promoting the near-sky West Virginia. When travelers request information about WestVA, they will receive a free copy of the state's new travel guide, "West Virginia Travel Guide 2020," in their e-mail inbox. The 2020West Virginia Vacations Guide is the first flip-book-style state guide ever. Visit the famous Heritage Towers Museum and Culture Center to explore the capital's attractions, or view statues of Stonewall Jackson and Abraham Lincoln.

There is so much to see and learn, and there is a fantastic museum to visit, the West Virginia Museum of Natural History and History. There are many abandoned places in West Virginia, including the place where the infamous Mothman allegedly appeared in the 20th century. Check it out and learn more about the history and history of the city of Charleston and its history. It is free and open to the public, so welcome to others who want to explore and learn about WestVA's history, culture and heritage, as well as its current and future attractions.

Unfortunately, we couldn't get everything we wanted to see, but West Virginia has a lot to discover, and if it wasn't at the top of our bucket list for this assignment, I would definitely return there. If you have questions about the history of Charleston or any other city in the Charleston area, read on here. This timeline is a collection of photos from our trip to Charleston, West Va.,

Between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Ohio River lies West Virginia, an absolutely beautiful part of the state to explore, with an abundance of incredible landscapes to explore. As a side trip to Charleston, students can enjoy breathtaking views from the New River Gorge Bridge, which stretches more than 3,000 feet across the New River. What is not nice about what you can do out there in West Virginia, and what can you do out there in Charleston or elsewhere in the United States?

If you have half an hour, set up a map or GPS to avoid the toll charges that lead to Charleston. If you are coming from Virginia east of Charleston, WV, the nearest toll booth is on the New River Gorge Bridge, south of the South Side Bridge, and tolls are collected there, but if you are coming from West Virginia west of it, you will have to pay a toll on the North Side Bridge, which is located near the toll booth. Once you've moved from Bridge Road to Shops South, check out the best shopping Charleston has to offer by crossing the bridge on the south side, then the bridge on the north side to Cross Road, and finally the bridge on South Street.

Charleston is accessible via I-77, which runs from Parkersburg in the Northwest to Beckley and Bluefield in the South and 64 from Huntington in the West to Beckley to Lewisburg and the Southeast. I / 79 starts in Charleston and runs from Northeast to Morgantown, but is inaccessible from West Virginia east of Charleston, WV, except for the New River Gorge Bridge. Charleston is also accessible on the east side of the river, from Charleston to Huntington and from Beckleys and Lewisboro to West Point and from Mount Vernon to Charleston. I.77 also goes to Parkers' sburg (Northwest) and Bluefield (South), and I.-64 leaves Huntington (West) to Beckley (Southeast). In Charleston, it starts in Charleston (north), continues in Morgantsown (northeast), but from there it goes south to Mount Pleasant (east). In Parkesburg, West Vt., it goes to Beckly (southwest), Blueville (northeast), then to Huntington.

At the far eastern end of Charleston, I-64 and I-77 run north-south and east-west, respectively. At 77, on the Virginia border, the Turnpike continues to Princeton, then Morgantown, and from there to Mount Vernon and West Point. To the eastern ends of Charlotte, North Carolina, both I.64 & I - 77 south - run east, except for the New River Gorge Bridge, but from Princeton continue west to Charleston and West Virginia, and further east to Charleston & Charleston County, N.C., I / 64 & I / 77 run west - north and east to Beckley and Bluefield in the south.

Surrounded by extensive natural scenery, Charleston offers ample accommodations, and many of the budget hotels are nearby, so you won't have to travel far to see all these wonderful attractions. Charleston also hosts a number of educational and historical attractions that are perfect for your next student trip. Take scenic US 60 northwest to Charleston and then east on I-64 to Morgantown.

If you're interested in driving across the state, you might want to consider a road trip. If you are flying from the West, you either want to connect to one of these cities or pick up a car in Washington, DC.

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