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SSAC announced Saturday that South Charleston will be recognized as a Class AAA 2020 champion. The basketball tournament (TBT) is coming to West Virginia, it was announced, with Charleston, which will serve as the home for the winner - take - all winners of the 2018-19 South Carolina State High School Athletic Association Class AA tournament.

Columbus, Las Vegas and Jackson, Tennessee, will also host regional rounds on the first weekend of the TBT. The winner of each West Virginia Regional advances to Championship Week, and seven other teams will compete in live-streamed games. It is the third regional tournament in the history of high school basketball in South Carolina and the second in three years.

Explore the nature in the Mountain State, browse the state's many museums and historic sites, including the West Virginia Museum of Natural History. Visit the State Capitol Building and get a tour of West Virginia's history to take a look at the state's history.

Watch the ferry as you hike the Appalachian Trail, a path that stretches from Georgia to Maine along the east coast of the United States. The trail crosses the state in just about four miles, but focuses on the scenic beauty of West Virginia's mountains and scenic views of New Hampshire and Maine.

After college, he joined the Boston team that became the Washington Redskins, where he was described as "the greatest running back of all time," and was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1955. Washington drafted a star pass player and hired Ron Rivera as coach to change the team culture. Jerry West's logo will be on display when the museum opens in 2014, along with other memorabilia from West Virginia's sporting history.

With the TBT now moving to West Virginia, Flowers, Jones, Butler and Nate Adrian have agreed to play for Best again in Virginia in 2020. The WVU graduates, who made it to the "Best of Virginia" last year, will serve as the Charleston region's host team. As the Morgantown facility does not have air conditioning in the arena, the summer event will use the Coliseum Convention Center in Charleston. The Super Six site has moved from its planned location at Wheeling Island Stadium, and the WU Coliseum has also reportedly been considered as a location for a region in West Virginia.

RCB County throws a school out of the playoffs when a team exits, and Oak Glen County is the reason the game must be postponed. Ritchie County was red-carded on Saturday but was eliminated and St Mary's should play in the Class A next week. The Black Eagles won the national title, while the red Berkeley County team was the last to exclude Musselman from Sunday's scheduled game in Class AAA. With the newly renovated Coliseum Convention Center in downtown Charleston, there is now a chance to bring one of these Regionals to the capital in 2020.

If you want good food, fast and friendly service, then visit the South Carolina Bar & Grill in Charleston, a popular destination in the city of Charleston. When you visit, you get a great traditional bar that matches or even surpasses what you can find elsewhere, and you also get more front row seats to your favorite games by visiting one of the best bars and restaurants in West Virginia and the entire state. The Power game in Charleston is like attending a major league game, so it's appealing to fans of all sports, not just baseball and baseball fans.

Capitol Limited travels from Washington, D.C. to Chicago, stopping at Martinsburg and Harpers Ferry. The Cardinal route stops on the New York-Chicago route and on the West Virginia side.

We have a charming park in South Charleston, and soon there will be a minor league baseball team in Morgantown. I would like to see a few more minor league teams open in the future, especially if they're in sports other than baseball. In West Virginia, interest in baseball is high, but not sufficient in other sports in the state.

I think Parkersburg and Huntington would also support a minor league baseball team, and maybe it will come in the future. Charleston has one of the best baseball stadiums in West Virginia, but I would love it to get more recognition and go up a few levels of competition.

Last summer, 59 former NBA players participated in the TBT, and 23 teams are made up of alumni from all major divisions The team is coached by Scotty Brooks and will play its home games at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, home of the UNC - Charlotte Tar Heels. Led by former Virginia basketball players, coaches and administrators from around the country, including former NCAA Division I players and coaches I, II and III programmes , Best Virginia will be one of the youngest alumni teams in 2019.

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