Charleston West Virgina Restaurants

This little gourmet sandwich shop is one of the worst - and for good reason - secrets in Charleston West Virginia. This quaint restaurant is just a few blocks from the city's main shopping mall, the Old Town Mall.

This family-run restaurant serves brunch called Kitchen Sink and a typical burger that makes your mouth water. Traditionally, a Sunday brunch is served with peanut butter, banana and French toast, and there is corn-beef hash and corn on the cob. This sandwich is named after the president and you will enjoy a delicious tour through history with a blue cheese spread and spiced McKinley.

The cool thing about this restaurant is that it's on the West Virginia-Ohio border, so Cass is a must-see for all West Virginia residents.

Italian food doesn't get much better than Muriale's, which has long been an authority on the subject in north and central West Virginia. Relatively new to Charleston, Paterno's offers authentic Italian cuisine based on the owners "family recipes. Located in the heart of downtown Charleston on the corner of Main Street and Main Street, it is one of Charleston's most popular restaurants.

With homemade sauces on wings and flatbread, the food is tasty, savoury and undeniably West Virginian. Christopher's Eats is made with a coal-fired 900-degree oven in West Virginia, but you don't feel bad about trying something for everyone at the table. Butt - Boy, you can enjoy a spicy feast or a variety of other dishes such as chicken wings, pork ribs, chicken and pork chops, shrimp and grains and much more.

The SoHo Italian Restaurant in SoHo is a great place to sample authentic Charleston cuisine for lunch or dinner and is located in Capitol Market in the East End.

You might want to try the cornmeal - fried oysters in the main dining room or pan-fried - lined oysters on the menu, or if you love steak, try a fillet mignon or veal strips. With a menu full of creative options, many diners are quick to suggest trying out perhaps the best entree of the day. Also known for their baby ribs, there is a full bar and a catering menu for planning parties in the future. Perfect for a quick lunch or dinner with friends or family or even just for an evening with a group of friends, you will have no difficulty choosing from the extensive menu.

For margarita, try the shrimp diablo, wrapped in prawn dill sauce, or the endless fries and salsa for a margarita.

Grilled with the best barbecue specialties in the Charleston area, this joint will fill your stomach and make you happy. This relaxed beachfront restaurant is the perfect place to sit and watch Charleston pass by. Italian cuisine is what you crave, and then head to this popular restaurant in Charleston, West Virginia, just a few miles away. It's perhaps the only restaurant in the state that gets Banh Mi, and it's good for you.

The West Virginia chain has spread across the state, offering pizza, pasta and sandwiches, but it's hard not to point out that it started in Fayetteville and has locations in Charleston and Morgantown. As the first restaurant to bring pizza to Southwest West Virginia, you have to try this pizza. The square pizza with slightly melted cheese is one of the best pizzas in the state and a great addition to the Charleston pizzas.

The rotating menu is full of new and exciting dishes inspired by traditional West Virginia cuisine. If you are a foodie, you will find pretty much any kind of delicious food you want. From small mountain towns serving simple old rural cuisine to big cities serving nouveau cuisine, there's something for everyone here in Charleston. Some of the must-have dishes offered by this one brewery include chicken wings, macaroni and cheese, burgers, salads, sandwiches and of course beer.

Outside, enjoy something from their mouths - splash out on favorite dishes like fillet mignon, pork ribs, chicken wings and more. Specialities include fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, burgers, salads, sandwiches and of course beer.

Nestled in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia, this historic resort is one not to be missed if you have forgotten a good taste of cuisine. If you like fish, seafood and seafood - and these are the dishes you can try at Tricky Fish - you should take a look around. Although everything on the menu is good, I particularly like the seafood dishes such as prawns and grits, crab cakes, macaroni and cheese and of course chicken wings.

This unique restaurant offers some of the best upscale Asian cuisine in Charleston, West Virginia, in a beautiful historic building in the heart of downtown Charleston. Although the menu is filled with favorites, everything that comes out of the kitchen behaves with a taste reminiscent of a tropical paradise. Outsiders think of "West Virginia" as a place of hills, rundown buildings and questionable accents.

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