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December home sales in Beckley, WV, are a great example of how home values can change dramatically in a short space of time. The bank sale offers the possibility of buying a foreclosed home for less than $1,000 a month, or even less if the home's value has changed.

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Charleston has a median home value of $145,800, the highest of any surrounding area. Figure 8 provides an overview of the median home price in Charleston West Virginia, including the number of homes for sale and the average price per square foot. The rental rate ($725) for Charleston is also only slightly higher and is useful for understanding affordable housing funds in the state of West Virginia. It also provides the frequency and distribution of home prices throughout the region and provides information on the percentage of available apartments available for purchase and rental in the same price range in that region.

All property sales data on this website are provided by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Property sales website. This is partly due to data related to the real estate sales website and an analysis of data available on the West Virginia Department of Housing and Urban Development (WVHD) website and other sources.

Charleston County, West Virginia, ranks 14th in total sales per acre in terms of total sales of acreage in the state.

Charleston is described as having a residential density of 819.3, the highest in Greater Charleston and the second highest in all of West Virginia. Charleston is also presented as a median home value of $1,826,000, while the median mortgage of 1,174 is larger than any other place larger than Charleston in that region, and has a median income of more than $325, which is higher than any other place larger than Charleston within the region. Charlotte, North Carolina: Charleston was portrayed as the city with the highest mortgage rate of 9.5%, which is the largest of all counties in South Carolina in terms of median home values and median mortgage rate of 2.7%. Charlotte is represented because it has an average median income of 5.6% of the population, with a median income of about $35,500, or $2,300 more than the average for all of Charleston.

Charlotte, North Carolina: Charlotte was ranked as the city with the highest 9.5% mortgage rate, which is the largest of all counties in South Carolina in terms of median home prices and median mortgage rates of 2.7%. Charlotte has been in the top 10% of foreclosures in all of West Virginia over the past five years.

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